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all of  our burgers are fresh 9 ouncers, hand pattied & cooked medium unless specified.
all burgers come served with kettle chips. the following are available for an additional charge:

fries – $1.00  curly fries – $1.59  onion rings – $1.59  tator tots – $1.79  sweet potato fries – $1.79

steak burger

basted with tangy sauce and topped with grilled mushrooms and onions, it’s served on an onion roll.



topped with your choice of american, swiss, pepper jack, cheddar or mozzarella. served on a brioche bun.


bacon cheeseburger

our 9 ounce patty topped with cheddar and crispy bacon


pepper burger

topped with cajun seasonings, pepper jack cheese & jalepenos ,this burger is a sure fire winner!


“the cheesy fox”

get ready for this huge burger! its 9 ounces of ground beef topped with ham, a fried egg and bacon. served between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. good luck!


avocado burger

our 9 oz. burger topped with swiss cheese, fresh avocado sliced and tomato; served on a fresh brioche bun


the mexican

a 9 oz. burger topped with chorizo, a fried egg, jalapeños & pepper jack cheese


blue burger

for the blue cheese lover…crumbled blue cheese tops our fresh burger. served on a bun.


swiss-mushroom burger

topped with loads of mushrooms and swiss cheese


the “hangover”

perfect breakfast/lunch combo! atop our 9 ounce burger is a fried egg, crispy bacon and cheese


patty melt

grilled onions and swiss cheese cover the burger on marble rye.


the nola

a pepper jack cheese burger with andouille sausage and spicy mustard served with a skewered  fried shrimp



our wraps are made from a warm 13″ flour tortilla
and come served with kettle chips. the following are available for an additional charge:

fries – $1.00  curly fries – $1.59  onion rings – $1.59  tator tots – $1.79  sweet potato fries – $1.79

cajun chicken wrap

grilled chicken, flavored with cajun seasonings, lettuce tomato, cucumber & cheeses tucked inside warm flour tortilla.


buffalo chicken wrap

hot buffalo sauce tossed with grilled chicken accompanied by cucumber, tomato, cheeses, lettuce, blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing


taco wrap

taco seasoned ground beef, onion, tomato, black olives and mixed greens wrapped in a giant flour tortilla. served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream on the side


turkey avocado wrap

turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese and poppyseed dressing


chicken caesar wrap

chopped grilled chicken, caesar dressing and romaine stirred together and stuffed in the tortilla


mandarin chicken wrap

mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, broccoli and grilled chicken tossed with greens in a creamy peanut dressing